Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started in your program?

Well, it's actually pretty easy.  Take a look at our calendar, you can find it at the top of every page; click on the "Calendar" menu and select the "Basketball".  Once you look at the calendar and figure out what day works good for you, give the Director a call.  Just let him know that you are interested in the program and you want to come by and try it out (first session is FREE).  Make sure that your son or daughter shows up with Basketball gear on and ready to go that night.

There's only one simple form to fill out at the gym and then your ready to go. 

After trying it out, you can determine if it's something that you want to continue with or not.  If you want to continue then you decide what package you want to sign up for and make your payment.  That's it, very simple... 



How much does the program cost?

All the prices can be found on our Prices page and we do offer Sibling discounts!  We also offer other various discounts and have extended training commitments packages!

Just remember that the sessions that you purchase expire in one year!  So, this means you aren't constrained on what nights you come in and that you have to hurry up and use them before they expire.  You have ample time to get your sessions in, during that one year from the point of when you purchase your sessions. 

Note: We take attendance each training session (much like a punch card system) to assure you get the training that you paid for.



What ages/grades do you work with?

We work with pretty much all the grades:

     Jump Start     (K-2nd)

     Elementary    (3rd-6th)

     Jr. High & HS (7th-12th)


Does the program go year around?

Yes, our program goes year round.  The School year is our normal training period, where we train Monday thru Thursday nights.  During the summer, we normally cut back some on what days are offered.  Usually, this means that we end up training two nights a week instead of our normal four nights a week.  By June, the Summer schedule is worked out and posted.



How successful have you been in preparing players?

We feel like we've been doing a pretty good job on getting players prepared to compete at the different levels that they are participating at, especially our High School and Junior High players.  You can see for yourself by visiting our Hall of Fame page.  The players that train with us are usually driven to improve and work outside of our training.  The side affect of this is that they take major leaps in their improvement and by pass other players that aren't focusing on a consistent basis.

We're very proud of the players that train with us and how much they're improving their games!



Where does your training take place?

We use Evergreen Lutheran High School (corner of 72nd & Waller Road) as our home court.  Use the Locations page to see a map to Evergreen Lutheran High School.



What skills do you work on and how does the program work?

We believe that there are core skills that EVERY basketball player must be proficient in (Ball handling, Footwork and Shooting) no matter what position they play.  We work on these core skills every training session.  The program is not setup in a sequential order, where if you missed Monday, you wouldn't be able to attend for the rest of the week.  Each day  there are different skill development drills that we work on, along with the core areas.  There isn't a predetermined schedule either, so you get to figure out what days work best for you.  If you have to take some time off, due to School work or family obligations, that's okay...



Do you have teams as part of your program?

As of this time, we don't offer teams to play on as part of our program.  We do try and get the word out thru our communications channels to help you find a team that might be looking for a player though.  We also offer suggestions on how to find teams.



Do you offer any other programs to go along with the basketball skills?

YES, we do.  We offer Position specific skill clinics, Open gym scrimmages, Private sessions, Pre-Season camps, Speed & Agility, Adult Conditioning and other activities through out the year!  You'll be able to see these activities on our News page.








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